Voices on A Path is written by me, 

Oladoyin Phillips.

I am a conduit of truth. 

With this blog, I share the truth about life in the hopes that it will motivate others to find their truth. 

I have learnt that the deepest truth is within my soul.
I have learnt that there are no obligations in life, only free will.
I have learnt that I reap what I sow.

These three truths helped me to realise that I had never taken responsibility for my own life. I blamed God, indirectly, for a lot of things I felt were wrong about the way my career was heading. When I finally realised that my life is my own for me to do as I see fit, I came to know that there is a level of freedom that eludes most of us because we are constantly aiming to please other people outside ourselves. 

It's very easy to talk about doing what you want to do or being who you want to be. However, for those that are used to receiving the accolades and approval of others or those that delight in being and doing the 'right' thing, it is not as easy. It means that you have to let go of every parameter against which you measured yourself and begin to see that your own approval is enough. 

You most likely like the idea of being your own boss. However, this requires your being responsible for yourself and able to ignore others when they tell you how foolish or delusional or mad you are, just because you have decided to be directed by your internal compass. 

Aside from other people telling you how crazy you are, you have to deal with your mind telling you how crazy you are. You have to learn to train your mind not to take cues from others but to take cues from within. You have to get your mind to move from seeking another person's approval, to begin seeking your approval- you being your soul, your true self.

This blog is all about the journey on that path. I hope that it will help you discover your own voice and your own path for your own self. 
Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments or even just to say hello.
I am always available to respond.

Oladoyin Foluke Phillips (OFP)

p.s. A lot of the posts are signed 'Your Friends Within', mostly because I believe the words are a form of guidance from the different friends and aides God has given me to help me be wiser and more knowledgeable about life. Friends Within, Oladoyin, it doesn't matter. All knowledge comes from God. I am only sharing my experience with you in the hopes that it may benefit yours.

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