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Freeing: A New Daily Mantra

Freeing: A New Daily Mantra

Happy #TruthThursday!


Following through with leaving the paralysis of fear behind, this daily mantra came to me.

Say it. Live it. Be it.


Faith is Doing till it is Done

I will hold on to only that which I want to see manifest in my life and leave everything else out.

I will not think about what I do not like.

I will not think about what is wrong.

I will not think about what I feel is a bad experience.

The only thoughts allowed are those which promote the reality that I want for myself.

Everything else is an excuse for inaction.


I will ask myself:

Does this take me a step forward in the right direction?

Does this thought make me feel at peace with myself?

If it makes me feel stuck, I will throw it out.

If it makes me feel trapped, I will throw it out.

If it makes me feel as though I am in the pits of despair, I will throw it out.

I will discard everything that has nothing to do with what I want.


But in doing this,

I must know what I want

I must be sure of what I want

It must be what I want for myself

Not what my mother wants for me

Not what instagram has sold to me

Not what looks good in my friend's life

But what is best in mine


I will sit down and think on this.

What do I want?

And once I decide all that I want

I will move swiftly to get it

Knowing fully well,

That the all the powers in the Universe are behind me

Doing my bidding

As God has commanded that this must be so



Step One: Decide what I want

Step two: Discard all that is not aligned with what I want

Step Three: Work towards what I want

Repeat as necessary


First of all... Introduction

First of all... Introduction

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