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A Daily Exercise

A Daily Exercise

Happy #truthThursday all!

This is a really useful exercise in being intentional about your day. It starts with the question:

"How am I going to express myself today?"

It forces you to think and not just go through the day meaninglessly. Even though you don't do as you have said you wanted to do, the fact that you stopped to think about it is not insignificant. 

Try an add it to your morning routine. Perhaps in the shower, think about these things. If you don't have to drive to work, spend ten to fifteen minutes of your commute to write down your intentions for the day and if you do drive, just say it out loud to yourself.  You probably spend more time waiting for replies or new posts on WhatsApp/Instagram etc. 

Anyways, hope this is helpful guys!

1. How am I going to express me today?
2. What is my purpose today? Am I clear about it?
3. How am I going to walk towards achieving today's purpose with intent?


1. Plan the day first. This is not a to-do list, it is a to-be list. You are simply answering the question: How am I going to be my highest self today?

2. Go through your list. Life happens, so be flexible, but not so flexible as to allow yourself to avoid being you.

3. Be confrontational. Confront all your fears and doubts
- Don't hide them
- Don't say 'later'
- Be still and take the first step(s)
- You may not figure it all out in one day, but don't ignore or bury it
- Take the step to understand and uncover

4. As the day ends, take the time to review your day
- In what ways did you express your being?
- What will you like to be tomorrow?
- What confused you/what do you need to take the time to meditate on tomorrow?

5. Be grateful for all.  (especially the bits you did not like. Remember to be in gratitude always)

Until next time!




Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

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