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A Reminder On Patience

A Reminder On Patience

Happy Truth Thursday Friends, 

Here is a reminder about the meaning of patience. I hope that if you are in a season of having to be patient for one thing or the other (who isn't?), you are using your time well. Remember, patience is preparation. Have a great weekend ahead!

What does patience mean to you and for what are you being patient? The need for patience is an indication that the thing for which you are waiting, you are not yet prepared for. Patience indicates the need for further preparation for that which is to come. So do not be mistaken and think that patience dictates passivity.

"Patience indicates the need for further preparation for that which is to come."

Patience is a call to energise yourself in readiness for your expectations to be met. What often happens at this time is that truth is revealed, opportunities are made manifest and life unfolds.

Patience also asks that you ponder and as the truth is revealed, you discard falsehood. This is so that by the time you get what it is you seek, you receive it at the time that your mind, body, soul and spirit are ready to receive it. 

God’s timing is perfect. It is man, in his folly, that thinks patience is a waste of time. The only instance in which your time is wasted is when you have made the decision, through actions or inactions, to waste it.

Patience is not a waste of time

Patience is a gift from God. It is God’s way of telling you that He has heard your prayers and is preparing you to receive that which you have requested. So be patient and prepare yourself for all that is to come. In doing so, you will be best placed to fully enjoy the desires of your heart.

"Be patient" means "Prepare"

If you find yourself being impatient, it means you are not utilising your mind or time prudently. It means you are being lazy and want to avoid putting in the work. It means you falsely believe you are ready even though you probably cannot correctly imagine what is to come. Don't be in a hurry for anything, especially when others seem far ahead of you. Just be patient and prepare for that which you seek. 




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