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Aspiring To Be Me

Aspiring To Be Me

Happy #truthThursday All!

This week I have been thinking a lot about aspirations.

Do you find that in some areas of your life, you aspire, not to be or do your best, but to be someone else? Or to get someone else's best?

This has been the case for me. So my Friends Within had a little chat with me and made me see that I can be inspired by another's success, but I should not aspire to it.  They made me ask myself, what happens when that person's success is really just my starting point or worse, completely irrelevant to my success as an individual? 

Tap into the voice within you and create your own vision for success. 

Don't give your redemption to something or someone outside yourself. There is no man, woman, job, holiday, house, car, relationship etc that can ever give you the perfect life. The very thought, "if only I had ______' is a limiting thought.

Currently, you are all that you need to be you (1)

Being you is all that you need to be successful (2)

Success is being free to Love yourself and Love others in return (3)

There is no greater life than this.

So, don't aspire to do A or get X in place of the aspiration to love yourself as you are and not when you get or become a certain way. This does not mean you shouldn't aspire to be or do more. It only means that you can be happy with yourself right now while trying to be better every day. 

The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is to say and believe "Once I am like X, I will be successful/satisfied with my life." Be it X's career/body/spouse/house/bank account balance. Whatever. You have, in that one thought, limited yourself. 

Instead, do this:

"X is his/her best self and that best self continuously gets better. I want to be my best self and also continuously be better." 

In other words, your aspiration is you. X can be your inspiration. Do not hope to be like X, but to be the continuously improving version of yourself. If you do otherwise, you limit your potential. 

Even the most identical twins have their own individual paths to walk on, not to speak of a whole different being far away from you. 

Take inspiration from people, not to be like them, but to be your best.  Same with your desire for things. You can want something, but don't let that be the end of the road. Know that it is just a gift that you collect on the journey to being you. For if you stop, you miss the best gift of all, which comes at the destination and is total bliss and satisfaction

Aspire to be You
Aspire to Love You
And Finally, spread that Love to all around You

It is well

Your place is perfect


Your Friends Within

Happy Friday for Tomorrow Guys!

Until next time




Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash



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