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Build On Small Dreams

Build On Small Dreams

Hello Friends, 

It's another truth Thursday and some more words of wisdom from my friends within. 

What starts as a drop ripples out to the entire ocean.

The vibration energy carries through; it is transferred until all have received it.

When you dream, dream small.

This does not mean that you should not have aspirations. It means that you should not get carried away with grand ideas with no actions to show for them. Focus on improving your little idea daily. Look for ways to make what you have better and keep improving.

This is not to say you should be satisfied with mediocre. Rather it is a call for a change in perspective from big plans to small actions of improvement with “small” being relative to the strength of each individual.

What we mean is this, when you get an idea, our counsel is that you begin working on that idea immediately; leaving no room for excuses of what you have or do not have.

What most people tend to do is to get an idea and keep the idea growing in their minds without doing anything about it. So what happens is that you then become confused and unsure of where to start because the idea has gone from what could’ve been a simple actionable task that you then build upon, to a confusing, paralysing mess in your head that brings you fear and uncertainty.

So go back to your first idea and work on it, improving it every day and revisiting the temptation to jump ahead to your imagined end goal.

A step forward for a professional athlete looks different from a step forward of someone on their high school track team, but they are both a step in the right direction- forward.

So take a step forward and don’t get tangled in too many ideas.



Your Friends Within



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