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By Whose Power?

By Whose Power?

Happy Truth Thursday Friends!

Today we are talking about an admonition that has come up often for me. It pertains to the question of relying on myself. I have actually struggled with this idea- How do I rely on God and still put in the work? Isn't it just pointless? Also if this is the case, what is the point of all my abilities? I took some time to meditate on these questions and here's what I found out. 

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Q: I don’t understand the notion that "I experience limitations because I think some things are done by my power" or that "I should not believe in my power."

The reason I do not understand these words is that when I think in this way, I wonder why I have to do anything at all or if I am even able to do anything since all of this is God’s doing.

I am not clear in my thoughts about this notion. So what is the correct way to go about understanding these instructions?

The perfect analogy to respond to this question is with that of an electronic device, say a vacuum cleaner. Can you use a vacuum cleaner without connecting it to a power source? Once you pull the plug off any electrical device or drain its battery, it can’t be used. It is, in essence, dead. That’s one part.

Another part is to imagine a high-powered lawn mower left on its own to mow the lawn i.e. no one is holding, controlling or directing it. It will run amok, it will cause chaos or it will just stay still in one spot, not able to do its job.

So when we tell you these things:

  • It is not by your power/might, but by obedience to God.
  • Thinking things are by your power is limiting

We tell you, not to say you are useless, but to show that you need to be connected to The Source of ALL, to be the most useful you can be, and live out the purpose for which you were sent here on earth. The hand that guides the vacuum cleaner will guide it to the right places so that it can do its work as a vacuum cleaner.

When Jesus Christ said not to worry about anything, he was reminding us that God is the Source of all and that He never forgets or abandons us, even when we feel that way sometimes.

Furthermore, on your own, all you see are your perceived limitations. When you remember that God is your Source, all you will see are the numerous possibilities.

The call not to be mistaken that you do things by your power is not to put you down, but to lift you up to the greatest heights you never could imagine for yourself, but know are possible with God.

So, moving forward, you must be constantly connected with and plugged into God. That is, never see anything as impossible, rather focus on how to bring it into being. When you do that, the Universe shall respond to you a thousand fold, taking you on a journey far beyond your wildest dreams.

However, recognise that you must be open and not resistant to progress in any and all forms



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Doing. The Right Thing.

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