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Doing. The Right Thing.

Doing. The Right Thing.

Happy Soulful Sunday!

I was listening to Ebeneezer Obey some time ago: The horse (donkey?), the man and his son. It's a long one but if you have time to listen to it and you understand Yoruba it is worth a listen. Basically, it's a song about how you can't satisfy human beings. If you do this, they will say why didn't you do that and if you do that, they'll say you should've done this. The song made me wonder about doing the right thing and how we can figure out what the right thing is. The results of my reflections on this questions are here in this post. 

Have a happy Sunday. May the blessings of today be yours in full. 

Is it necessary to know the 'right' thing to do?

In order to answer this question, you need to define what the 'right' thing is. What is the right thing and how can you identify it?

Unfortunately, a majority of people define the 'right' thing as the thing that the most people agree with or that which you do that gets you praise and not persecution. In isolation, you can see the error in this definition of 'right', but in reality, this is what you live by and believe. If this weren't the case you would be bolder in using your free will and less concerned about others. It is not to say that you must never listen to what anybody has to say. It is, in fact, to say that you should learn to listen and still be able to do what you want. What others tell you is from their opinions and their direct or indirect experiences, which might be totally irrelevant to your purpose in life. 

Your life is your best teacher.

Your experiences will teach you what is right and what is wrong. It is more profitable to spend time reflecting and learning from your rich life experiences, than abandoning them in favour of that of others. 

Be attentive when you do listen to other people. Notice when they speak from a place of fear and discard such counsel. On the other hand, if they speak to you and remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to doing and be anyone you set your mind to becoming, then you can see these people speak out of love and a genuine desire to see you become the person you want to be. There is no amount of advice that will protect you from learning life lessons. So it is always best to fully own your decisions. In all this remember that you are responsible for your life. So do not deceive yourself. As you are the one that will have to live with the deceit. Never discard the counsel of your Self. 

Stay true to yourself

In order to do that, you need to be sure of who you are. In life, there is no right or wrong. Don't use that perspective or frame of reference. A mistake is only an opportunity in form of a lesson. If you acknowledge it and learn from it, it will take you to greater heights. This means that if you choose to move forward from your perceived 'failures', do your best and leave the rest, you've chosen the best for yourself.

For the path lies not in the specifics of the route you take, but in the lessons and other opportunities you gain along the way. 

If life were about right and wrong, then there will be no point of freedom. Truly, you are free and the sooner you stop being scared of your freedom, the better. Life is about creating, learning and creating some more. Better at each step. Better after each fall. Ready to continue on the path to the promised land. 

At all times, seek peace. That means, at all times, stay true to yourself.

God speaks to you always- learn to listen to Him and have faith that everything happens for a reason and serves its purpose for the greater good. 


Your Friends Within. 



Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

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