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Adun's Birthday

Adun's Birthday

Happy Soulful Sunday!

It's my grandma's birthday :)

Moving on to the post, I'd like to ask if you have an idea to do or create something or start a movement or instill a change? Does it seem like it would be amazing, but also impossible? Here are some key reminders to set you on your journey.

Have a wonderful week!

The best way to look forward to something is not by imagining the different scenarios that will play out once it occurs, but by making the best use of your time now, in preparation for that which you hope to come.

The imagination is a double-edged sword- depending on how you hold it and use it. It can be your greatest creative tool, slicing through all impossibilities to produce that which others never dreamed possible. It can also be your greatest burden and blindfold, producing a dark forest for you to hide from reality.

In order for you to make the best and intended use of your imagination, you must work to transform it into real life. Don’t leave it trapped in your head or it will leave you trapped with more wishes and no manifestations.

Before automobiles, the thought of such transportation was so impossible, that with the car right in front of them, people were still skeptical.

Before the first aeroplane was brought into existence, it was an impossibility. Yet look at the millions of people jetting over the world like the birds in the sky.

Your imagination is a form of communication between you and God.

The miracle is the work you put in everyday to bringing these imagined things to life. The mere fact of the vision in your head is a go-ahead from God. And so it must be. If you do not bring it forth, others will enjoy the benefits that were originally intended for you.

If you ever let yourself be held back by “I can’t” or “I don’t have”, truly you won’t and you will not have. For the universe is obedient to your most prominent thoughts, words and deeds.

Write down the communication God has made to you through your imagination.

Don’t worry if the image is blurry or unclear at first, you should have a skeleton or framework that will fill out as you get to work.

A word of caution.

Never be discouraged. If you fail a million times, it is only because there were a million lessons for you to learn. Each of these lessons is to enhance the final product to be a million times better.

No need to give yourself an end date, for no one knows tomorrow.

Instead, focus on finishing to the best level you can finish today and when tomorrow does come, thank God for another 24 hours of opportunity to manifest His desires for you and your desires for yourself.

Some will take a lifetime, while some might be done in a week. The journey of each soul is different as it is perfect for that soul. So look not to your neighbour for discouragement, for to compare is to tell God He knows not what He is doing and that He has put you on the wrong path.

The wrong path exists only in your mind. For everyone walks according to the dictates of their soul, who knows where it needs to grow and go.

We have given you some more knowledge.
Use it to propel yourself forward on this certainty of your divine calling.
Every little bit counts.

Nothing is irrelevant.

Make hay while this sun still shines for the evening approaches.

Fare thee well


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