Welcome to my blog. I document my meditations on various questions about life, love, truth, faith, God and others in between. I hope you will discover a message in here that prompts you to find and cherish that voice within that stays looking out for you.

First of all... Introduction

First of all... Introduction


My name’s Rich and this is my first ever blog entry, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but I kept finding other things to do.

Anyway I’ve finally made some time to do something that I want to do. Something that I really want to do. 

This blog isn’t going to be about me, it’s not about you either. I’ll share some of my experiences with you and if you find the stories entertaining then that’s a bonus.

The reason I’m starting this is because I feel like I’ve got something to share. Something valuable, at least to me anyway, and it may be valuable to you too. My hope is that it will be. My dream is that your whole world will change and open up something like mine has, not from my words alone but from everything and everyone around you. I pray that you see yourself the way your mum & dad saw you when you were born or the way your true love will see you when you meet them, perhaps you’ve found them already. 

I’m not here to inspire you, I’m not here to motivate you or tell you what you have to do in order to be the best version of yourself. Reading self development books, articles and getting into spiritual practices has changed my life for the better, it has put me on the right path for me but that doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. That’s okay, we are all born into different circumstances and appreciate different things. What I’m here to tell you is one simple and obvious truth.

"Right now you are just the way you’re supposed to be, and you’re perfect."

Got depression? You’re perfect. Feel like you’re a loser? Perfect, Got bullied at school? Still perfect. Family disowned you? You are perfect regardless. 

Perfect doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes or haven’t had it tough... And by the way I’m not just talking morally. Physically, you are beautiful too. For the lads you’re all handsome and there’s a girl with her heart throbbing to meet you…

You’ve heard the saying “Life’s a journey not the destination” or however it goes. Anyway the journey starts from NOW. The journey is always here now. One foot in front of the other. Try taking 3 steps at once and you’re going to fall over and eat dirt. Try running backwards and you're going to hit a wall. You’ll get there, take your time, you’re wiser than you think mate.

3 Things you can take from this post before the next spill:

  1. You are literally the bomb, there is no other you in the whole world, when you love yourself and I mean REALLY love yourself (total acceptance of who you are) physically, psychologically & emotionally (even if you smell weird or you're really short or you’ve got a big nose or all three together, whatever.) OWN IT, LOVE IT ANYWAY (& hey take a shower once in a while) what have you got to lose? You’re going to be so infectious, so fun to be around and EVERYONE is going to want to be your new best friend; If you don’t want any friends you can ditch them all and ride solo into the sunset like Zoro. (Now you’re even cooler, see?)

  2. The only way to love yourself/accept yourself is to be good to yourself, only way to be good to yourself is to do what you really want to do, kind of like me typing up this message now. So what do you really want? Think a little about it, then go and get it like no one can stop you, well one person can… Take a guess who that might be? You’re smarter, stronger and more talented than you think. Remember if you desire something, if you truly desire it, that means you can get it. Our desires are there for a reason. Believe in them, cherish them and make them happen.

  3. Wherever you are right now, is temporary. The only constant is change. The only permanent is impermanence. You can be, do and have anything you truly desire. The thing is, life was made for you to enjoy, you’re supposed to be happy. That’s why you have emotions [energy in motion] they’re supposed to let you know when you’re on the right/wrong path for you. It’s time to move on, it’s time to be strong. Let’s get connected. Let us be our own best friend.

Did I get too preachy? I couldn’t help it. Look I’m really passionate about this stuff. I needed an outlet because I felt like I was going to explode with all this inside me. So here it is:

This is what I hold most valuable, this is what changed my life and this is my personal truth, this blog is to help you find yours.

See you for the next spill...




Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

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