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Focus on ME

Focus on ME

Happy Truth Thursday

I was once told not to worry, but to focus on God and in doing so, the world becomes my oyster. It is one of those things that you hear but, when you really think about, aren't sure exactly what it means. At times, I have thought focusing on God meant to read my bible and pray all the time. I recently realised that while those things aren't bad, that's not really all that it is about. There is a lot more than what we do when it comes to focusing on God, it goes deeper into who we are. What does it mean to focus on God? This is the subject of today's post. 

It started out with a list:

  1. Being in the present moment
  2. Enjoying it for what it is
  3. Not regretting the past or worrying about its influence on the present
  4. Not being anxious about the future or changing actions that are truly good for you now, because you fear what the future holds
  5. Being your best without restraint now
  6. Not hoping or waiting for 'something' to happen before you can see your life as good. 

The instruction was, "do not worry ... focus on God." I have interpreted this to mean, do not worry, focus on being your best person now without fear of the future or regret of the past. When I am being myself moment by moment, recognising that every 'good' and every 'bad' is an opportunity, I am truly focusing on God. 

To focus on God is not a narrow-minded outlook on life. It is the removal of fear that a particular thing has or has not happened or will or will not happen while focusing on what is good now. It doesn't mean that you shut yourself in a room, isolate yourself and only "think about God", it means living your fullest life, knowing that in every nook and cranny, every place of disappointment and house of shame, God resides there and is fully present. To focus on God means you accept life challenges as lessons from Him and triumphs as a reward for a job well done.

When you focus on God, a passive patience becomes powerful preparation, because you begin to realise and acknowledge that there is no void or vacuum in life. God fills everything and He is present everywhere. When you focus on God, your worries turn to hope and your desires turn to actions. You act on that which you have, knowing that it will bring that which you desire. It means be instead of worry. It means to know that your life is complete even when you feel as though it is not. There is nothing external to you that can complete or satisfy you. To focus on God is to accept and apply that fact to your life and living. 

Often, after you get something you've wanted for a while, there is usually an anti-climax. It doesn't mean that you no longer appreciate it, but that you realise that true satisfaction and fulfilment can only come from and be created within yourself. It cannot be brought to you by a thing. When you know this, you stop waiting and start living a full life of contentment and bliss. 

"Focus on God and the world becomes your oyster"

The world becoming one's oyster does not mean that one will have anything added in the material sense. The world becoming my oyster is more of a state and frame of mind than the receipt of anything. The world becomes my oyster because I stop thinking that I lack (and stop worrying about that which I think I lack). I am focusing on God in all the ways I described above. In doing so, my mind is open to the opportunities that are with me here and now. These are opportunities I could not see previously because I was too focused on all I thought I lacked. 

When you think you lack and you let that frame of mind fester,  it blinds you to what you have and the ways what you have can give you what you want. That is why Christ said, to those that have, even more, will be given to them. And to those that do not have, even what they have will be taken from them. He was referring to the state of mind. I might be dirt poor, but I realise I have my brain, my hands, my legs and I know one sister that is looking for someone to sweep her floors. I can give her the use of my hands and legs, sweep her floor and get food to eat. I might also be dirt poor and worry about how much money I do not have. I forget that I have my brain, my hands and legs and the sister that needs someone to sweep her floor. I remain hungry. We all do this a lot. We focus on what we think we don't have. We don't use what we have to get what we want. 

You can only receive when you give. You can only give what you have. So if you believe you don't have and you let that thought consume you, then you never will. 

When God says things like this - focus on me and the world becomes your oyster- I usually expect a show of magic. God is not a magician, neither does He encourage behaviour that removes the need for me to appreciate and use what I have - no matter how tiny or insignificant it may seem. 

Essentially, what we are saying here is that when we stop worrying or feeling as though there is something missing from our lives, we will see that we have all that we need to be in bliss at this very moment. 

The world is your oyster. The pearl is in you.


Have a great weekend ahead. 





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