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Happy #truthThursday All

This post is inspired by a recent bout of honesty with myself. It was really good to finally say. Nope! Gigs up. I am done with that. That's what made me meditate on Freedom. 

Not everybody is free, but everybody has the ability to be free. There are those that are physically chained but are free in their minds, soul and spirit. Freedom is truly a state of mind.

The main culprit for the enslavement of the mind is deceit. When you do not have the truth, or you ignore it or fail to admit it, out of fear of repercussions, you are and have been enslaved by lies.

Freedom is the ability to own up to your mistakes and not fearfully cover up that of others. Freedom is the ability to face up to reality and not hide behind illusions or dreams. Freedom is your ability to say ‘I want this’, with confidence and no apologies or guilt.

Guilt is another form of enslavement. It is useless as far as it doesn’t spur you to right your wrongs and move on swiftly from them. Freedom has no guilt. Not because it is perfect, but because it knows that nothing can be done about the past when one remains in the past. The solution for guilt is to move on and manifest your true intentions.

You might sometimes be afraid if what you want, but never let that stop you from going after it unapologetically.

Freedom is the absence of people pleasing. Seek to please your soul by finding out its needs and satisfying them.

What does the soul need?


Be truthful to yourself
Be a light unto others with this truth
Love yourself entirely and in doing so, you are able to love others.

Free yourself from fear, from lies and deceit. Today you take responsibility for your own life and in doing so you are free.



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How much do you have?

How much do you have?

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Gratitude Is An Attitude