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Pause And Be

Pause And Be

Happy Truth Thursday!

Been doing some soul searching this week. There's a lot of truth that I am told. I have not been the best in following and applying that truth. So I decided to pause and reflect ... it has been a helpful journey. Here's something my friends within told me last year ...

For many years you have lived by the letter of the law. I should do x. I must do y. Hardly have you been able to answer the question, "what do I want" without the extra baggage of "what should I want". It makes no sense. For if you are to force yourself to want something can you really say that indeed you want that thing in the truest sense of the word?

What happens to the freedom you have been given as a human being? The moment you begin thinking in terms of what you should do, you have lost the plot and given away your freedom.

In this case, ask yourself: why should I? If the answer does not stem from an innate desire to love yourself completely, then you discard.

It is not easy to let go of the protection of should. When you do what you 'should' do, you do not have to think. You are simply following instructions and there is nothing difficult about that.

Yet you will struggle because you are not doing what you want to do. Note, this is not to encourage the abandonment of responsibilities. That would be foolish. The notion here is that everything that you do in life should make you more of the person that you want to be and because in your actions, you are defining yourself, you become at one with your situation regardless of what it is. However, when you are merely following a set of instructions with which you cannot identify, you are a prisoner of your own doing and consequently will lack the satisfaction and freedom that comes with being at one with your true self.

The point is that you mustn't think in terms of what is expected of you. Take your freedom and chose for yourself. You are not a slave. So do not act like one.



Your Friends Within

Over and over again I am amazed at all I have learnt and how much of it I have not stopped to practice. It is worth taking one piece of truth, pausing to reflect on the implied changes you will have to make in your life as a result of accepting this truth, and taking the time to adjust to it. Otherwise, life becomes a rat race chasing that which does not last and abandoning the everlasting self. 

I hope this week you find some time to pause, breathe and think about these things written here today. 




The Paradox of Patience

The Paradox of Patience

Yours to command