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Gratitude Is An Attitude

Gratitude Is An Attitude

Happy #soulfulSunday!

Gratitude is an attitude ... that's a line that came to my mind recently. Here's a way you can go about thinking about it. 

What does such an attitude look like?
It is not about seeing the good in the bad. It is about refraining from any form of judgement in the first place and instead, going with the flow, knowing that not only do you deserve what you get, but it is for your betterment.

Take an example of a child that has done something naughty and is reprimanded by her parents. To the child in tears, this is the worst thing that could have happened. She’d have preferred a sweet. However, what happens when a child is naughty and is given a sweet? The child is doomed, for as she grows older, she will expect rewards for the naughty things she has done and thus be a menace to society.

On the other hand, the child who was in tears after being reprimanded is now a responsible and contributing member of the society. Shouldn’t the child as she was being reprimanded, have been in gratitude to her parents for training her to be a useful adult?

This is the perspective through which you must view life - in gratitude for all, knowing that all that occurs in your life today, is to make you better tomorrow

So thank God for everything
Have an attitude of Gratitude
And move forward in life without complaining.

Your place is perfect.


Your Friends Within


Until next time guys!




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