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How Do I Discover My Voice?

How Do I Discover My Voice?

Hello Friends!

It's #soulfulSunday

The title of this post has been a question on my mind lately.

How do I discover myself?

And most importantly, not being afraid to be wrong

You have heard it said that mistakes are part of life. Mistakes create you as much as your successes do. The impediment to self-discovery and awareness is the refusal to accept this fact. It is not that you should go looking to make mistakes, but that fear of making mistakes is not what should hold you back from doing what you think you want to do.

Because that is the thing. Sometimes you just don't know. You have a hunch, an idea, an inkling that this thing is what you want to do or be, however until you try, it is mostly pure speculation. There is nothing wrong with being unsure. Uncertainty is what makes life precious.

Your life has been marked by the need to do the right thing and be the right person. Yet even at this time, you are not sure what that is because in trying to be and do the ‘right’ thing, you have shut up the natural discoverer in you and taken the shortcuts as told by other people.

Imagine if everyone told you that granny smith apples and crunchy peanut butter were unappetising and you believed them. You'd be missing out on experiencing one of your favourite snacks. It is the same principle applied to the big-ticket items - the choices that have the greatest impact on your life. Don't do this, do that. Don't be this, be that. And each time you tend to deny a silent part of yourself in order to please someone else or avoid being 'wrong'.

However, we ask you this, who sets what is wrong or right for you as an individual? It is not your parents or your teachers or your managers or your friends or your siblings or your pastor or your priest or the guy with a billion dollars or the lady with the most accolades. None of them can tell you what is wrong or right for you. Most times they barely know what is wrong or right for themselves.

However, each individual has access to truth. Sometimes you just feel the truth within you and you act on it, discovering that indeed it is the truth for you. Sometimes you have to live a lie to find out the truth, but let that lie be your lie and not constructed from the experiences of another- for what might be good for one is often incompatible for the next person. That is why it is said that the deepest truth is within you.

How do you find that truth?


What does it mean that the deepest truth is within?

How are you sure that it is the truth?

These are all worthy questions and important to answer.

For the truth is what sets you free.

We tell you this: until you let go of your need to be right all the time, you will not find this truth.



Let yourself be 'wrong'.
Let yourself be free.
Let yourself want to do something and do it.
Let yourself learn.
Let yourself be.

Look at your life and the foolish things you have done, have you not learnt from them?

Look at the things you thought you got 'right', did you not find that they were wrong for you in the end?

Don't hold on too much to anything for in doing so you may be blinded to reality and unable to see the other, more desirable things that will suit you and your life.

Live young
Live wild
Live free


But always always always in love and kindness to yourself.

Never in fear
Never to please another
Never to be 'right'

But knowing what you sow, you will reap

Just live your life
Don't overthink it
Instead, enjoy each day
Be joyful in the sun and dance in the rain
For all is perfect
As you are right now

Don't worry about anything
Just Live. Love. Laugh.


Your Friends Within


Until next Time Guys,




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