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In Control

In Control

Happy Truth Thursday!

What does it really mean to be in control?

You should strive to be in control of yourself first and in doing so, you become a master of your environment, gaining respect from all those around you- seen and unseen.

What is the significance of being in control?

To be in control does not mean that you can plan or control anything in the sense that most people see it.

To be in control means that in every moment your true desires for yourself are consistent with your thoughts, words and deeds

It means that you are not attached to a particular route for getting to your destination because you know that in taking up opportunities, you open up new roads and paths for yourself that you never even knew existed.

Control over yourself is something that you work towards by practising to discard the voice of fear that keeps you off balance.

E.g. this morning you were available in time for your exercise. The path to doing it was clear- you weren’t tired and didn’t need more sleep; you had enough time before you had to shower. In spite of this you still had these thoughts:

- I missed the yesterday’s working (past and irrelevant)
- I’m going to miss the workouts the rest of this week (future/unknown/speculation - irrelevant)
- I didn’t make the best of my day at work yesterday (past and super highly irrelevant)
- It’s already 5:10, I was supposed to be up by 5:00. (...)

To be in control is to remind yourself that those thoughts are fear-sponsored thoughts and though they really do act as shackles and anchors that immobilise you, the key to your freedom is always going back to that voice of love, which focuses on the present. There is nothing you can do about the past. There is nothing you can do about the future- it does not exist.

What you have is now. You can either waste it or use it. These are really the only two fundamental choices.

To be sure, it is a mental battle. It is not easy to suppress the thoughts you usually adhere to. However, consciously practice the litmus test by asking:

- does this thought give me a clear direction?
- Is this related to what I can do right now?
- Does it involve regret or daydreaming?

If the answers to these questions show you’re dealing with thoughts of fear interrupt those thoughts with the question:

What should I do now?

Pick one thing and do it. Be guilt-free, fully focused and centred on completing it.

Don’t dilly-dally or flip-flop because again that’s the voice of fear distracting you.

Just remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons.

Don’t aim to be perfect, aim to be directed by love at all times i.e. aim to use the present moment in any way you can.

This is an important theme and lesson that you have to consciously and continuously practice to make good progress in your life.

If you can’t do anything about it leave it and focus on what you can do something about.

That is what it means to be in control.



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