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In Gratitude For All

Hello Friends,

Today's post is about learning to see every situation as an opportunity and to be grateful in all. I have to be honest and say I am guilty of not always following that piece of advice. However, it is good to have an awareness of it so that we can learn gratitude at all times and eventually see fewer problems and more opportunities.

I thought to myself that we need not lament, saying,

"God put me in this dark place."

Then I wondered to myself,

"Hmmm, If we can't blame God when we don't like our situation, then why do we have to thank Him when we do?"

Then that's when it came to me ...

In ALL things, praise God.


Because in every situation, God has given you the opportunity to make of it what you desire. What you are thanking Him for, is the opportunity or opportunities that lie around you each and every day. The choice to take it or continue wallowing in self-pity is completely up to you. You cannot blame God for an opportunity you have been too scared or ignorant of to take. You need to start from a place of gratitude for everything.

Yes, that is the main reason we fail to see opportunities- ingratitude.

That is why we say, in all things praise God.

Will a heart of praise be blind to blessings?
Will a heart of praise be blind to paths to success?

Will a heart of praise miss his or her destiny?

Reflect on your life and think about these things.

Therefore do not blame God for your situation.

For what benefit does blame have?

Does it take you to where you want to be?
Does it move you forward?
Does it elevate your life?

In all things, Praise the Lord and no trial or tribulation will be insurmountable to you.

In all things, Praise the Lord and your source of worry shall become your source of blessings.

In all things, Praise the Lord, and your joy in life shall never cease.

Note that acts of praise are not limited to singing and dancing. Your ability to see your situation as an opportunity and not a problem is in itself an act of praise. You don't have to wait to sing to be grateful. You just need to know that all things happen because they must and with that knowledge, you forge ahead.

Remember, faith is doing till its done.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Yours are bountiful


Your Friends Within

I pray that we will see all our 'problems' as opportunities to be better. For in life there is a reason for everything.

And that reason is usually the betterment of your soul.


Until Next Time Guys!



Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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