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I've Got The Magic In Me

I've Got The Magic In Me

Happy #truthTHursday!

Here is something I learnt about faith and miracles recently. If you haven't already, it'll be good to read the previous posts on miracles and faith. They tie nicely into this observation. There were three main points:

  • Faith is doing till it is done

  • Open your eyes to see that miracles abound - the alignment of our will and God’s will manifests as a miracle

  • Don’t see anything as impossible

I had a cold recently. I was studying at the time and could not afford to be poorly, especially because I knew that my hypochondriac self will make a mountain out of a molehill and use that as an excuse to fall behind on my work. So immediately I felt the sore throat and knew what was coming, I started to ask God to please heal me. I struggled through my studying that morning but got some strepsils, day and night nurse and made sure to go to bed immediately I got back home from work.

I woke up about three hours later and decided to say my prayers. Incidentally, I was feeling much better, so I thanked God for answering my request for healing. As I was ending my prayers I felt a headache start and I was feeling slightly feverish. So I said, Nawa for you o God, I just thanked you for healing and I am still feeling like this. Anyways I took the night nurse and went to bed. I felt much better in the morning. So I decided that I’d stick to taking the day and night nurse as I should for the recommended three days. I was taking it o and it was working; I was feeling better. Then I got excited and said to myself,  ah, what a miracle! I am healed! So I didn’t bother to take the last two doses before I went to bed. Guess who woke up with a new sore throat the next morning. Me! I quickly took the day nurse again, but then I realised, I had caused this new sore throat myself. I had skipped the last two doses I was supposed to have taken that would have continued healing my body in peace as I slept.

Remember previously my Friends Within taught me about the meaning of a prayer. And the fact that prayer is not just in thoughts and words, but in deeds. Also the fact from the post on miracles, that miracles are not magic. When I prayed to God to heal me, I was expecting magic. This is a misunderstanding of how God works. Why would God let people spend time, effort and resources to create medicine that heals and then I will now imagine that just by saying ‘God heal me’, it is done - when I have access to medicine, and I didn’t take it because I wanted to see magic work. My prayer is in my thought for healing, in my asking God for healing and in my using the medicine that He has provided to me for healing, believing that the combination of these three, will work. My asking God for healing and being blasé about taking the medicine is exactly like someone asking God to help them stop being overweight, but being blasé about eating healthy and exercise. It doesn’t work that way. Prayer does not mean you have the license to avoid the work you have to put in to get the result you want.

Magic is not about taking shortcuts or the easy way out. The magic is in the simple things. The being consistent. The doing what you are supposed to do to get to where you want to be.

God does not rush, He takes His time. What looks like an instant success has time and effort standing behind it. There are no shortcuts in life.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes people aren’t able to take medicine for one reason or the other, and God in His mercy, does heal them. But it is wrong to ask God for what He has already given you. It is ingratitude because you have chosen to ignore all that He has provided to help you get what you want. I have learnt my lesson and quickly went back to taking my medication.

See the miracles and the magic in you and your ability to think, say and do what you want.

The manifestation of this requires patience, consistency and perseverance driven by faith. However, there is never a call to just sit and wait. That is not life.

It is a slow death.

So next time you ask God for something and it looks as though He is not answering, look at yourself and ask what you are doing. If you are making progress believe that the time will come and it will be perfect timing for what you have asked for. See the miracles in the process and be alert to the opportunities that will definitely come your way. If you are sitting and waiting for a magic trick, then God is also sitting and waiting for you too. He doesn’t work according to time so He will sit and wait for ten years if that is how long it takes you to wake up …

So forget abracadraba o … izz nor real.

Until next time guys,



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