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Learning Is A Process

Happy Truth Thursday!

I recently got into a mental space where I sincerely wondered how I struggled so much with applying all the truths that I learn from my daily meditations, most of which I have posted on here. I figured that if I am struggling to apply these pieces of knowledge, others probably are feeling the same way.  It's really disheartening to know what you should be doing but constantly feeling unable to do it. So I decided to ask the question below. I hope the answer is as meaningful to you as it was to me. 

Q: How do I apply the wisdom I have gained to my life? I know the truth, but I struggle to apply it. The result is that I end up feeling bad about the gap between my knowledge and my actions.

Practice makes perfect. In any classroom at any level in any country in the world, have you ever heard of being taught something completely new and not only that, completely different from what you have been led to believe your whole life and got it right or successfully applied it the next day and consistently thereafter?

If human beings learnt all these things so quickly why would you need all these years of schooling? Why don’t you learn one thing one day and automatically you are able to use that knowledge with no reminder or reference?

The same goes for the knowledge and wisdom you gain in the course of your life experiences.

Most of the patience required by a leader is not only for the people or events around her but also for herself. She needs to be patient with herself while she learns the ropes, just as she should be with those under her charge. She needs to be able to acknowledge her small victories and realise that they all lead her to greater ones. She needs to see her failures as lessons and even at that, she must remember to be patient with herself in adopting them. In learning to be patient with herself, she will be even better at being patient and supportive to others. 

It is not easy to go from believing that the sky is blue, to learn that it is actually silver. Even as you realise that it is indeed silver, it does not take away the fact that you believed it was blue for a long time and need to reorient your mind.

This period is for you to get used to the paradigm shift and the new way of thinking and approaching your life. Write down a list of your accomplishments, lessons learnt and the new good habits you have formed. Thank God for each of them and each time you successfully apply a new lesson, acknowledge your doing well and thank God for it. Each time you struggle to apply a piece of knowledge, ask God for help and keep trying. One day it will surely become a part of you.

In essence, we ask you to be patient and know that all learning takes time.

Secondly, acknowledge and celebrate the progress you have made. No progress is too small for you or to God. 

He is like a parent that watches with glee as His baby learns to walk or crawl. He celebrates each fall as much as He celebrates each step because He knows that the fall is as much a part of the learning process as the step is. This is what you too need to know and constantly remind yourself of.

Thirdly, never stop trying or asking for help. There are so many people around you that are ready, willing and able to assist you. All you need do is ask and surely the universe will send you an answer.


  1. Give yourself a break.

  2. Know that none of your efforts has gone unnoticed.

  3. Never give up.


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