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Move On And Act Like A Child

Move On And Act Like A Child

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Move On.

Don’t dwell on the past at the expense of the present. The past is a form of escape and an illusion; although it presents a reality that occurred.

The illusion of that past is that holding on to it with your mind will change all that has happened.

It is an illusion because in dwelling on the past you regret, you play out different scenarios, you act like a child with a wild imagination, only that a child is better because when she imagines, it is in the present moment. It is of life as she sees or wants to see it now. And so she not only imagines, she plays make-believe, acting out the scenarios she wants for herself, truly believing that everything is possible, as she should.

You laugh at children, not knowing you are the foolish ones for killing their dreams, constricting their realm of possibilities and dimming their faith. You tell them that they should not be silly, not knowing you are the silly ones for curtailing their true and pure interactions with the universe.

Be like children.

Act out, in the present moment, the scenarios you want for yourself. Give it your best, put in your all and see how the universe responds to those who are firm and unwavering in their faith and belief that what they want, they will get.

So move on and live the life you want now.


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