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Peace Is Balance

Peace Is Balance

Happy #truthThursday!

This Thursday we are looking at Peace. 


To have peace means to live in the moment and see that it is good.

What is the worst that can happen?
Your soul is immortal.
But when you focus so much on your body- flesh, you become afraid.

Peace is to see your life through the lens of your soul, not your body.

This means understanding that what will be will be. It means that what might appear to be the worst for the flesh, is the best for the soul. This is why you must never be discouraged or live in fear of the future or the unknown. Don’t regret the past and don’t ignore the present.

Peace is balance

Balance meaning that you can walk confidently on a tightrope, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, never minding or wondering when or if you will fall. Even if you do fall, for that is, of course, a possibility, be in bliss in that moment of your fall, for it all serves a greater purpose.

Peace is free of judgement.

You know that your view is limited, that is why it is God and not you, that is the arbiter of all things. If even the Holy Angels are shielded from some knowledge, then you must understand that judgement is futile and destructive.

Finally, peace is love.

It is a kindness to yourself in the best possible way.
Why is there the peace that goes beyond all understanding? Because the human mind as it is used today cannot fathom a life without worry, fear, strife, judgement. It is not the current mode of operation.

Take time today to start being in Peace.

Remove fear - live in the present moment
Remove judgement- you don’t know all things
Be kind to yourself - show love
And finally,
Be at peace.

May the peace of God which passes all understanding guard and guide your hearts and minds now and forever more. Amen


Your Friends Within


Till Next Time Guys!, 





Photo by Eric Didier on Unsplash

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