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Happy #truthThursday!

We are now reflecting on this year in order to prepare for the new one. My Friends Within had some advice to help me think about how I can go about this:

Preparing for 2018 is to consolidate all that you have learnt thus far and apply same to propel you to your rightful place in the scheme of things i.e. get you to where you are supposed to be. Truly, what is your take away from 2017 and how will you apply these lessons to the new year- 2018?

What will change?
What, if anything, will remain the same?

Remember that everything is perfect. Know that reflection is not for blame, but for a revelation of the way forward and an opportunity to right previous wrongs.

Each day is a fresh slate and an opportunity to be in tune with your resolve. The key, as always,
is to remove all fear, doubt and uncertainty by developing the confidence and being comfortable to listen to yourself.

As a guide for reflection, ask yourself these questions:

1. What have I learnt this year?

Think back on your trials and triumphs, the things you regret and those you are proud of, what can you take from each of those occurrences in your life?

2. What benefits/blessings were I granted this year?

For what am I grateful? It is good to start from a place of gratitude as it reminds you that opportunities abound each and every single day. It leaves less room for excuse or blame. A heart of appreciation is best for recognising new opportunities. 

3. How have I benefited/blessed others?

It is always good to ask yourself what you contributed to the world around you. It also acts as a reminder that you should be a producer of good things and not just a consumer of same. This helps in thinking about all that you would like to do in the New Year.

4. What will I do better next year?

This really should read: How will I be better next year? For we know that we make progress, not from the things we do per se, but by being ourselves and letting that dictate how we think, speak and act. So think about ways in which you want to be an improved you.

5. What are my goals for next year

Now you have recognised the opportunities you missed and took up, as well as the lessons you learnt and the people to whom you provided some benefit. From these, how do you plan to move forward? Did you remember missed opportunities of the past that you want to take now? Or are there behaviours you’d like to replace? Is there an aspiration you have been too shy or afraid to admit to yourself ? Whatever it is, know who you want to be in this new year and plan accordingly.

6. What will it take to achieve those goals?

It is a good idea to have a constant reminder of each of these goals as well as daily meditation on progress and next steps for achieving them. Think about the daily actions that will need to take place to achieve your goals.

7. How will I track my progress?

 Keep yourself accountable and know that tracking progress is not to berate you when you miss a target. Rather, it is to encourage you to keep going when you are on or off target. Try and set reminders to review your progress. The new year adrenaline quickly dissipates. So it’s good to refresh your mind.

Here's a suggestion of what you can do:

Mornings: List a few things you can do to achieve your 2018 goals

Evenings: Review what you did today towards achieving your goals

Weekly: What do I need to adjust in my schedule/daily habits to be better placed to achieve my 2018 goals?

Monthly: How much progress have I made in achieving my 2018 goals?

- What did I do better than in the last month?

- What do I want to achieve in the coming month?

- What do I have to be thankful for in this month that has just ended?

Please don’t underestimate the power of review and reminders. In September this year, I found an abandoned list of written goals for 2017. The goals were manageable and doable. But I never tracked my progress or focused on one thing at a time. So when I went back to read the list I was horrified at how much I hadn’t done.

Book a quarterly review in your calendar: 1st April, 1st July, 1st October, End of December.

Even if it is a single goal you accomplish during the year, it will be a test of your consistency and dedication all the same. It will also encourage you for the next year.

Happy Reflection time guys!






Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

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