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Step by Step, Heart to Heart ...

Step by Step, Heart to Heart ...

Perfection is a moving target that reveals itself as you move along your path.

When a baby is born, it can hardly hold up its neck on its own. The baby needs support. At some point the baby is able to hold up its neck on its own, then it moves to sit on its own, then crawl on its own, then stand on its own, then walk on its own, then run on its own and so it goes as the body grows stronger and stronger and the "moving target" is chased. 

Perfection is a moving target. 

Most of the time we see it as a stagnant one that is almost impossible to reach. Of course, a newborn baby cannot walk, but at some point, that same child will run on its own ... and scribble on walls with crayons. However, no one expects that he or she will walk when it is born. So why do we expect ourselves to move mountains, when we have not learnt to move single grains of sand?

We are often guilty of viewing perfection as a stagnant, far away and sometimes unreachable goal. We forget that there are steps in between. We worry that we are unable to fly when there is a bridge right in front of us for us to walk across. We do this every day when we procrastinate on living the life we want to live because we are too afraid to move forward to get it. 

Perfection is the next step you take on the staircase towards your goal. It is starting with taking the stairs a couple of days a week instead of the lift. It is beginning to call a friend once more than you usually would do check up on him. It is saving 5% more than you did last month. Perfection is moving forward step by step.

As you move forward, your next step becomes clearer. It becomes clearer because experience has made you wiser. It becomes clearer because as you have moved forward, you have overcome a fear and thus removed the blindfold that comes with that fear. It becomes clearer because it is closer for you to see. But you have to move forward because when you stay still, the moving target of perfection stands still too and your version of perfection becomes the limitation you have placed on yourself by remaining where you are. 

You don't have to have it all figured out. All you need to do is to focus on this moment, decide what can move you along the path and then do it. 

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

Move along your path and let your perfection continue to reveal itself. If you don't see it perhaps you are looking too far ahead and need to bring your vision closer to that which is right in front of you. 







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