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The Progress Trio

The Progress Trio

Happy #truthThursday!

Building on from last week's post, do you have all that you want firmly in mind? Have you started to work towards the physical manifestation of your desires?

Take some time to review these blog posts as a reminder:


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 Prayer is action

This post is about maintaining the momentum with Patience, Consistency and Perseverance.

The first step you have taken, that is the thought. Don’t try to run before you walk or else you will needlessly tumble in the fears of failure that are created when the farmer attempts to reap before the harvest is ready.

When you plant a seed, it does not grow and bloom by virtue of your having planted it. So don’t be mistaken. This is why patience and consistency are extremely important. You must be consistent in caring for the seed as it germinates, develops roots and grows. You must water it every day and ensure that it has enough sunlight. Then you must wait patiently. For in the absence of patience, consistency loses its will to remain and then you are left with nothing but an almost. Well, almost doesn’t count. So take your seed, plant it, know that it will grow, but do not let that knowledge rob you of your patience. Instead, let it keep you consistent and faithful. So that you will see what you have always known will happen.

A third thing to add to this duo is perseverance. All of these three- patience, consistency, perseverance- go together to produce progress. For perseverance is refusing to give up. Perseverance is hope. It is faith that what you are working towards patiently and consistently will come into being. Perseverance is refusing to believe the lies, the fear, that tell you that you are wasting your time or that you are not able. 
See it as a journey.

Patience - Don't rush to get to the end. Take it one step at a time.

Consistency - Show up each and every day. Put one foot in front of the other

Perseverance - Don't stop. Keep it moving

Don't look to your neighbour's progress, but focus on yours. Rest if you get tired, but do not give up. Hold your vision firmly in your mind. Do not let it depart from you. 

All is a gradual process.
Patience is key.
Consistency is a must.

Perseverance carries you to the finish line. 

You will get to where you are going, only if you move steadily towards it. Allow no room for doubts or what-ifs. Face only that which is in front of you. For to forget the present is to remain in the past.

Looking towards the future with no movement towards it means you are stuck in the past.

One step at a time.
Be patient.
Be consistent
Never, ever give up.
You will get to where you are going.

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