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The Soul's School

The Soul's School

Happy #soulfulSunday!

Perfect time to talk a tiny bit about the soul. There's a lot to think about.

The body is like a classroom for the soul. In a classroom, you are taught new concepts which you eventually understand and apply to different areas of your life- work and otherwise.

The classroom of life is more complicated as it involves the training of the soul without the consciousness of the mind, which is attached to the body.

There are those that are lucky enough to know the lesson the soul is learning and thus it makes it easier for them to reconcile what they are experiencing through their bodies, with the lessons their souls are required to learn. This awareness is a gift.

However, what about others that do not have this awareness of their soul's sojourn and purpose on this earth?

The lesson remains the same, the difference is that it is happening at a superconscious level, whereby your soul is recording all your life experiences and learning (or not) from them.

In this case, the lesson to listen for the truth within becomes so important If a person is able to connect with himself or herself and access the wells of truth that are stored within, he or she would know how to act in a situation as they are able to pull from the experiences of their superconsciousness.

However, when a person chooses instead to focus on the distractions that abound - the opinions of this and the endorsement of that, such a person is unable to listen to his soul, who speaks to him all the time, trying to direct him to that place from which all the knowledge from his past lessons in life lie.

Think about it this way. Imagine if you are in a classroom. You have your textbook in front of you. You are supposed to sit with the textbook and understand all that is clearly and perfectly laid therein. However, instead of reading your own textbook, you notice the person next to you doing something. Instead of you to leave that person be, you copy that person, not knowing that their textbook is completely different from yours and so necessarily has different instructions and lessons. Sometimes it is the case that someone in your class will see you following the instruction in your textbook. They then declare to you - that’s not how you do it, this is how you do it. Instead of you to know that your textbook is specially designed for you, you fail to do so, instead believing that your textbook is inferior. So again you ignore your own book and let somebody tell you what to do, even as they are using knowledge from their own book, which is different from yours. Either way, you are distracted and unable to read your book, thus never drawing upon the lessons that your soul has learnt in all its sojourns.

So know that nothing takes away a person's ability to learn from his or her soul’s experiences. It is the lies and the delusions of the world, which are external to each individual, that keep him or her on the wrong path.

The fear to be and the distractions that come with that fear, all make it difficult to search one’s soul and progress.

This is why the acts of meditation and reflection are important, for it is in these quiet times that the soul can speak in peace and express itself.

It is also important to learn and accept that all that one needs for success in this life’s sojourn, is within each and every person. The reason it doesn’t look that way is as a result of the external enthralment that leaves no room for the soul to speak its piece.

The point of life, as you know, is peace. When you are at peace, you are at one with your soul, listening for and applying all the lessons learnt so as to get to a greater level of enlightenment and existence.

Think about this deeply
And make amends where necessary


Your Friends Within


Some deep stuff this #soulfulSunday, Please feel free as always to email me with questions, comments, disagreements etc. 

Until next week,





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