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There Can Be Miracles ...

There Can Be Miracles ...

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Last time I talked about my motto of the season (because who knows, it might just change soon): "Faith is doing till its done." and how I learnt that prayers are incomplete without action. Today, I want to take it a step further and talk about miracles. What are they? Here's some truth my friends shared with me.

It is always a miracle when the blind become able to see. What others have taken for granted they marvel at and relish. Soon sight becomes normal and the miracle somehow loses its miraculousness.

You must learn to see the miracle in ordinary things and in that way, you won't take anything for granted.

Let's take a step back and ask, what really, is a miracle? Man describes a miracle as that impossible occurrence that was made possible. But we ask, is anything impossible? The only impossibilities lie in your mind.

Nothing is impossible.


If you bring someone that has never used the internet, say FaceTime, before and you show them someone from the other side of the world, would they not call it a miracle? The very same thing that you take for granted and call ordinary.

So when you think about what you want and you call to mind that which you have always described as impossible for you and you say "I want this." and then set about going to get it, without fear but in the knowledge and experience of the Love of God, that is what we call moving mountains.

Everything that aligns with the will of God and is brought into physical manifestation is a miracle. The fact that you are breathing is a miracle. The food that you are able to eat is a miracle and the gadgets you use in your daily life are miracles. There is nothing ordinary about life. So don't wait for that which you think is impossible to happen, before you see the miracle that is your life.

There are two things that we are trying to get at here. The first is that you must remove all notions of impossibility as regards to what you want, out of love for yourself and others, to see in your life. There is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. It is a saying that has become a cliche, but it still holds the Truth. Faith is doing till it's done. All that is borne out of love can be done. That is the first.

The second is that you must not take your life and living for granted. See the miracle in your being and appreciate every part of your life, including the parts you think are bad. For where there is life, there are opportunities. The question is whether you will step up to them and claim what is offered to you.

Life, when you stop fighting it and become at peace with it, is a very beautiful thing. Don't cover your eyes with darkness when you have been given them to see the wonders of the world. IF you are waking up every morning and not able to look forward to the joys of the day, then you have blindfolded yourself and locked yourself up in that dark and airless room, to which only you have the key to unlock.

Live. Love.Laugh
All the time
Miracles abound.
Will you take off your blindfold and see them?


Your Friends Within

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Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

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