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Tick Tock ... The Penny Drops

Tick Tock ... The Penny Drops

Happy #soulfulSunday All!

The topic of this post is ironic given I am not so sure I have spent my time wisely this Sunday morning ... still, I am grateful for every hour of every day and I am making the commitment to using them to the best of my well being.

Time waits for no man.

So, how can you be a master of your time?

By living in the moment and doing now what can be done now without thought to all you must do later. 

Time is man's most valuable resource, yet it is also the most wasted. If you saw your time as the currency that it is, what would you do differently?

What are you buying with your time?


Instagram likes?


Or the fulfilment of your divine purpose?

In what are you investing most of your time?

Building meaningful relationships?

Nights out that are a blank space in your mind the next morning?

Reflection and action on what must be in your life?


Know this, everything made available to you - the air you breathe, the food you eat, time, money, relationships and so on, are all resources that you must employ, judiciously, to being your best self. i.e. the self that is most loving and least fearful. You shouldn't let any of these things dominate you, for they are for your use, not your enslavement.

Take a moment to think about how you are using and spending your time.

What returns will you reap today?

What investments will you make today?

How will you use your time?

Also remember, that your time is yours and nobody else's. So no one has the right to make demands on your time unless you give it to them. If your Heavenly Father could leave you the choice to do as you see fit with your time, how much more others around you? 

Do not be bullied into giving away your time, just as you won't be bullied into giving away your money. 

Your time is yours.

Use it well.


Your Friends Within

Here's to using our time wisely.





Photo by cindy del valle on Unsplash

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