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Understanding Perfection

Perfection. I want things to be just so. Precision. Exactness. No room for bends or curves. Rigid. Pre-formulated and pre-planned. Control. 

I hate to admit the extent to which I have let the idea of what is right and perfect disturb my ability to move on from perceived failures. After a full-day spell of being upset that I woke up 'late' (10 am), I realised something needed to change.

Hence today's post on perfection. 

Your ideas around perfection are incorrect and limiting to you. They are like a chain around your neck that wears you down and prevents you from flowing freely in the ocean of life’s experiences. They are like a cage that imprisons you and prevents you from experiencing the truth about life.

Perfection is not a life without error. Rather, it is a life that looks to the lessons of the past and uses these lessons to propel it to the right places in the future.

Perfection is not a life without pause or hiccup, but one that sees the pauses and the hiccups as much a part of the journey as the smooth sailing.

Perfection is not a life without threat or a life with incessant ‘advancement’. It is a sort of graciousness, gracefulness and gratitude for the highs and the lows, the rough and the smooth. It is the knowledge that the hills are non-existent without the valleys. And the booms can scarce be so without the troughs.

Perfection is the imperfect picture of life. To live a life that is perfect. Is to remove the coloured lens of judgement and see all as it is.

Jesus Christ was perfect because he was able to see things as they were, in their true form. He was not blinded by false judgment or human misconceptions of what should and should not be. He was perfect because he knew that all things work together for good and to the glory of God the Father.

Perfection is not a life without bumps. It is not a life without tears. It is not a life without mistakes. It is not a life without falls.

Perfection is acceptance. It is trust. It is obedience. It is the refusal to pass judgement. It is the determination to carry on against and despite all odds.

Perfection is in the gratitude and recognition that life is a wonderful opportunity to draw ever closer to your Creator.

It is the wandering soul that wonders and asks and learns and improves and grows because it is not stuck in the false loops of lies.

To be perfect. You must free yourself from mental slavery. You must be rid of all judgement. You must be aware of all there is to be thankful for. In constant meditation on your good fortune in life. And consistent action to improve the lot of others around you.


That is the perfect life.


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