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What do you desire ?

Happy Truth Thursday! 

It’s a slightly long one today so let’s get right to it.


If you were not paid and if you did not need to be paid, what would you want to spend your days doing? What gift would you want to give the world? 

If time was not an issue and there was no pressure to be the “best”  right this moment, what skill would you work on? What would you want to improve upon?

If you weren’t worried about how you’d look doing it, or what others would say if you did it, what is it that you’d do? 

If you could do or be anything in the world- whether or not the thing currently exists- with access to all you’d ever need to do or be that thing, what would it be? 

I am not asking about in five or ten years time, or when you get this or finally have access to that. I am asking about now. Imagine that the state of scarcity you believe is holding you back, no longer exists, and you can be whomever you want to be, what would that person look like? 

Perhaps you have written down a single thing. Maybe ten or fifty things. Whatever it is you have written, let’s take it as your judgement and fear-free desire. We will call it so because in writing it down you have ignored all the ways you have told yourself or been told and believed, that you cannot do or be those things. You are just focusing on the fact that you want them.  

To help you out with answering these questions, I will share what I have come up with.  

  • If no one paid me
  • If I was not half-thinking about whether it is financially viable
  • If I didn’t wonder, what my family members would say
  • If I possessed the skills I think I require
  • If I just focused on being who I am, I believe it would look like this:

To help people see the best version of themselves through my words (writing and speaking) and my support of them. I like to ‘give advice’ for free. It is perhaps my default. In fact, it is so bad that my friend Dami has to remind me that not everything she tells me is a problem she wants me to help her solve.

The person I am is the person that freely encourages and suggests and tries to speak in a way that the person doesn’t think fearfully of their lives, but lovingly. A skill I want to develop in view of this, is listening better, to the person speaking to me and also drawing from the divinely planted wells of wisdom within me. Listening to understand and listening to transfer the truth. 

The second person I want to be, is a writer, but one that writes honestly and openly. I want to write in ways with which people can identify. I want to write to movitvate discussion and inspire change, but also because there is nothing as wonderful to me as words that paint a vivid picture in the mind’s eye such that it sees and experiences the reality those words convey. I want to write true words. Words that don’t hide behind propriety and unauthorised declarations of what is ‘wrong’ and what is ‘right’. Words that are truthful because they want to share, not suffocate. 

These are the two things I am clear about but have not taken with all the seriousness of someone that has identified, to a large extent, a good chunk of who she is today. I think of the reaction of others (even as I try very hard not to). I think I might be under qualified. I think I need to be perfect now or not attempt it at all. I wonder how ‘advising people’ and ‘writing’ are tangible things to be taken seriously. These are a few of the unloving mindsets I have towards myself. Ones, that I need to spend more time doing away with. They are holding me back from just being.  

What do the answers to the earlier questions look like for you?  

I want to encourage you to write or note those consistent desires that have been held back or completely repressed for one reason or the other. What ‘realities’ or beliefs have held you back?

Feel free to email me your thoughts if you want to. Next week, I plan to talk about the ways in which we can be ourselves, epecially in a world full of judgement, lack of faith in anything and just plain wickedness. 

I hope that you will take some time out of your weekend to ask yourself these questions. It’s good to develop an awareness of self.

This is as good a start as any.

Reading this post will be useful in helping you get started. 


Enjoy your weekend.  





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