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When Life Gives You Lemons ...

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

Picture a seed germinating in slow motion. At first and from the outside, it looks like nothing is happening but, in actual fact, a billion things are happening up until the point you can see the first sprout of the roots emerging from the seed. See then how a tiny seed can grow into something as large as a baobab tree. Similarly, when a woman gets pregnant, it is not immediately visible, yet the embryo is formed and is there growing every day.

Just because you can't immediately see growth, change or progress, does not mean that it is not happening. This is why you must always apply faith, patience and perseverance to anything you do. If you do so, you will keep in mind that all you desire will come to fruition and with that faith, you will keep working towards it. Sooner or later you will begin to see the fruits of your labour. However, if you plant a seed, water it for a day or two and abandon it because you cannot see that the seed's germination process has started, obviously you have starved the seed of all that it needs to continue growing and it dies.

In view of this, why would you ever blame God for a desire of your heart that hasn't manifested when you refused to call forth that manifestation? If you truly believe in your ability to bring about what you want, then you must employ faith; you must be patient and you must persevere until what you want gets to you. If a car stops in the middle of its journey, it will never get to its destination.

One more important thing to add is the need to be open to possibilities outside the realm of your imagination or expectations. This means along the way, the journey might involve unexpected turns, don't despair, keep going and believe the best is where you are going.

We will tell you a little story ... 

A man bought seeds to plant orange trees so that he could sell oranges. He did not know that they were actually lemon seeds he bought. When he realised this, he decided to carry on growing the plants instead of cursing his luck. His trees grew under his hard work and dedication. They bore fruit. Shortly after, a shortage of lemons was declared as everybody had been planting orange trees. The price of oranges fell and the price of lemons shot up. There is no way this man would have known this. But he had carried on and was the better for it.

Be like this farmer; treat unexpected turns in the same way you would treat expected ones- keep it moving. Surely, when you get to your destination you will be pleasantly surprised.


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