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Why Do We Pray?

Why Do We Pray?

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Recently I wondered why we pray. What is the point given that what will be will be? Here's what my Friends Within had to say. It is a good start, but I shall be meditating on this more throughout the year. As a background, you can check out the post: Why worry when you can pray, as a reference for the definition of prayer. 

Prayer is a combination of your thoughts, words and deeds towards that which you want. However, it always requires a fundamental piece of understanding- the way of the Lord is perfect. We have the free will to think, say and do as we please. Yet, God's Will, will be done sooner or later. So my question is this: if God's will is done regardless of what we've asked for, then why do we pray? What then, is the point of prayer?

In answering this question, you have to think further about the reason many people pray. People pray to be like others, people pray for the downfall or destruction of other people. People pray for the well-being and welfare of others. People pray for all sorts. Not just with the words during a quick prayer, but with their thoughts and their deeds. People pray for what is bad for them and for what is good for them. In this vein, people sow through their actions, words and thoughts and reap from same. Thus prayer is really the process of living your life and your intentions therein. It is only in man's ignorance and foolishness that they limit prayers to words that are spoken at a specific time or place.

Thus, asking the question, why do we pray? is tantamount to asking why do we live? For your life and the way in which you live it is a prayer in itself. Having said that and speaking about your specific requests to God, the universe or whatever it is man has chosen to believe in, these are not irrelevant, simply an emphasis on your desires. Ask and you shall receive. That is the word. Still, do not think you should ask and forget. No, you ask and act for its manifestation.

What about things outside of our control such as an illness or even not being able to take care of oneself properly?

The body is merely a casement for the soul, which is the real you. If you live as healthy a life as possible and still get sick, does that mean the prayers you rendered by living a healthy life went unanswered? Not necessarily so. The body casement works to aid the soul achieve its purpose during its current life sojourn. Once the soul has no need to be in said body, it will leave it and ascend to greater heights, depending on the life it lived.

It is humans, attaching the greatest importance to the least important things, that fail to see that the progress of the soul is more important than any bodily longevity. Thus the healthy life this person lived was a prayer that was answered in the health of that person up to the point of sickness. It is impossible to generalise here as the sickness could have come for so many reasons, not related to the healthy habits of the person. It could be that physically she was healthy, but mentally she was not. It could be that she became ill purely for karmic reasons. It could be that her sickness has a role to play in giving her more wisdom or aiding the life of another. It literally could be anything. This is why we say, do not judge because you just don't know. You can't use human value judgements as they make little or no sense in the grand scheme of things.

That is why it is best to live your best life and in doing so you pray your best prayer, working towards that which you want for yourself. When 'good' happens, Praise God. When 'bad' happens, praise God. And in all the occurrences in-between, praise God. At the end of the day, all is perfect. That is the key piece of knowledge for you today.


Your Friends Within

There's a lot to think about in there. And probably still more questions with which I need to follow up. If you have any comments or contributions. Feel free to email me:

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