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Why Worry When You Can Pray?

Why Worry When You Can Pray?

Happy #TruthThursday Guys!


Today this post is about how I started saying "Faith is doing till it is done". It was inspired by something that was shared with me. I'll share it with you here. If you have any questions, please send me an email. Always happy to chat! Other than that, I hope that it makes sense to you and that you are able to start applying it to your life! Whoop!

Why worry when you can pray?

What do you understand by that statement?

God's truth and secrets are hidden in plain sight. And this is one of them.

Even though this statement is spoken flippantly, it contains one of the deepest truths on man's relationship with God in prayer.

All wishes conceptualised are prayers rendered in thought.
All thoughts spoken are prayers rendered in
All thoughts and words acted upon are prayers rendered in deeds.

Thus when your aligned thoughts, words and deeds intersect with God's will for you, miracles happen.

Cnversely, thoughts of fear, not acted upon are also an act in itself and create results - the results that of which you feared most.

Thus your duty is to conceptualise and hold with your consciousness only that which you want to see manifest.

Your duty is to move in the direction of that which you seek irrespective of what you fear.

This is how you bring into being your true desires.

Hence when you come before God, do not come in fear but in Hope.

In Faith.

In Belief.

In Love.

Through these steps, you begin to create the life you desire.

Hope provides the reason.

It ignites faith.

Faith held long enough leads to a belief.

And belief ultimately leads to Love, The universal language of God.

However do not approach God with worry, but with ultimate love, knowing that which you seek is done.

And this is what we expect you to do from now.

Hence write down that which you want to see manifest in your life and pray - that is, remove doubt from each item and see how God works.

Use this as a test of God's love.


Your Friends Within

When I read this it changed my perspective on a lot of things and I realised that I needed to figure out what I wanted out of life and then work towards it. "All thoughts and words acted upon are prayers rendered in deeds." This means that my very acts of signing up for a group I don't think I will make it in to, preparing for exams on a topic I do not quite yet grasp, showing up at the gym and eating properly even when I feel like losing weight is a long shot ... are prayers in themselves.  

This encouraged me that I shouldn't just stop at asking, but I need to start to work towards what I want, knowing that God will deliver the extra push for me to get there. Praying is doing. Without the action, the prayer is incomplete. The inaction is fear holding you down. Don't let fear hold you down. Remember from last time, to live in fear is to kill yourself. 

What is it that you want?

Do you worry that you can't get it?

Why worry when you can pray?

Think on this.


Until next time, 



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