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Working In The Moment

Working In The Moment

Happy #truthThursday all!

As the end of the year approaches and we look forward to the New Year, my friends within reminded me of the need to act now. Resolutions are great, but there are some things that you can begin today. 
What’s stopping you? 

The future is now. 
Do you understand this? 

It means that what you do now creates the future. Thus, the future is now. 
The greatest mistake you can ever make is imagining the future to be some distant time or thing. 
The reason this is a mistake is that the time or thing will remain distant and thus forever elude you. 
When you want something, you want it in this instant. 
So act on it now. 

The future is now. 
If you want good health, Be healthy now. 
If you want knowledge, aquire knowledge now. That is, do what you can do now to be healthier/more knowledgeable than you were a minute ago. 

The future is now. It is not tomorrow, for tomorrow remains tomorrow and so if you place your desire for the future in tomorrow, you will never get it. Tomorrow never comes. 
There is only today. 

What does this mean for the way you live your life? 

It means act now. 
Move now. 
Pray now. 
Exercise now. 
Laugh now. 
Enjoy now. 
Be grateful now. 
Love now. 
Dance now. 
Be happy now. 
Be focused now. 
Be all you want to be now- at this very moment. Before you know it, now will be the future in the exact state that you wanted it. 

Note also that if you decide you want money now and you choose to steal, it does not make you wealthy, it only makes you a thief. The money is not yours and so you are still poor and even poorer for diminishing your character. In acting now, remember what you sow, you will reap. 

A mixture of sugar, eggs, butter, flour etc is a cake, though not ready, it is still a cake. If you imagine that you want to bake a cake, but don’t make the cake now, ie the mix, from where will that cake materialise? 

The future is now. 

Don’t forget this. 

Your Friends Within 



Photo by John Baker on Unsplash