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Yours to command

Follow through with your Intention over worrying about skills, money, ability, resources.

What is your intention?

Spell it out.

Be clear about it and let that intention become a part of your consciousness.

If you think about all you don’t have instead of thinking about the impact you want to have on your immediate environment and the world at large, then you remain stuck within your thoughts of lack.

It is immensely more profitable to use the knowledge that your Will is a command. That is why it is important to be clear about your intention for yourself and for the benefit of others.

Can you imagine a commander of a large and powerful army calling his soldiers to attention and as they leave all they are doing to answer his command they meet him cowering in a corner, crying. The commander looks ridiculous because the soldiers look around and see nothing to be scared of. So they just stand there and wait for his command, only it is clear to them that such a person is not fit to command anyone, let alone himself. He is afraid of his own shadow!

You are a commander and you must have faith in your troops as they work tirelessly to fulfil your commands. For it will be a shame to have an entire army at your beck and call with no direction or strong leadership.

Set your intentions

Speak your commands and know that it is done.

If you see yourself as a commander and refuse to abandon your troops in the difficult times, then you will truly earn their respect and even more that are willing to obey.

Character is key.

Set your intentions.

Lead your army.

And conquer all obstacles of fear and darkness.

You can do it.

The universe waits for your commands



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Pause And Be

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