A Reminder About Free Will

Life in its basic essence is sowing and reaping

That means whatever you project out is returned to you in multiples

Man projects into the universe through his interaction with his immediate and remote environment

Man through his thoughts, words and deeds sows into the universe and the universe reciprocates with opportunities

Hence it can be said that man reaps through the opportunities he is presented with and sows through the choices he makes

Therefore it can be said that life is about opportunities and choices

On this foundation is your freewill established

Yet the ignorant, imagine that life is about obligations and rules

Instead of them doing things to express their true self

They act in fear to abide by rules made up in their head

God's words are not rules and laws

They are opportunities presented to mankind

to lead him to the promised land

In the past people have been compelled


Why would God compel you to do something
when He has given you free will?