A Call To Remove Judgement

Man thinks that because things are smooth everything is alright

He also assumes that when things are rough and tough, things are bad

In truth,

All things exist because they need to exist

And your judgements of same are products of hindsight and prejudices

In truth,

You cannot determine what is good or bad in one life

All things exist before you were born and after

It is written,

Judge not so you may not be judged

You think this refers to only others

But it applies to the self and experiences

Hence embrace all experiences

And ask what is My response to this

Time passes yet you make the same mistakes

because your wisdom is limited

And to break out of the cycle you need to take a new step in thinking





Stop judging your experiences
Look at the events unfolding around you
Listen to what the Almighty advises in relation to those events

Once you master this

You will master your universe