A Lesson On Truth 

There is a reason for everything

The past creates the present. The present creates the future.

Those who follow the truth are never led astray

What is the truth? Where do you find it?

The truth is around.

The deepest truth is within your soul.

Yet people look for it in the mind and thus experience a disconnect between God's truth and man's truth.

God's Truth is a wave

Once man rides it, he finds peace and happiness.

To the inexperienced, riding a wave is difficult because they see all the distractions. They are afraid of falling into the ocean.

They are afraid of making a mistake

So what will bring you peace?

Because that really is the ultimate end

Everything you do today 

Is to bring you peace tomorrow

And thus you seek the path

Embrace the moment
Become one with it
Find balance
Discover what you want
For that is where all progress starts
It starts from within you.